Application for Bitrix24

WhatsApp Business API Gupshup

Very important for the application to work!

Check the verification status of your company in Facebook Business Manager

To be able to connect your phone numbers to the WhatsApp Business API (not to be confused with the WhatsApp Business mobile app), your company must be verified in Facebook Business Manager.

Verify your phone number with Gupshup service

Before you enter your phone number in the settings of our application in Bitrix24, you must first verify it through the Gupshup service.

App installation start

  • Click the blue INSTALL button in the header.An installation pop-up window will open.
  • Read the license agreement and privacy policy at the links provided.
  • Check the boxes if you agree to the terms and click the green INSTALL button.
  • After successful installation, the customer support chat is activated.

Connector activation

  • Go to the Contact Center and click on the new WhatsApp Business API Gupshup connector installed by the application.
  • On the connector interface slide, click the CONNECT button.
  • Enter Gupshup API key and Gupshup sender phone number, click the "To plug" button.
  • Copy the callback URL and enter it in Gupshup settings.


How to access and connect your own phone number 

to the WhatsApp Business API via Gupshup

The connector is ready for use

  • Send a test message to your WhatsApp Business number.
  • Receive a message in the chat of the Open Channel in Bitrix24.
  • Write a test answer in the Open Channel chat in Bitrix24.


How to access the WhatsApp Business API

To get started with the WhatsApp Business API, you need to verify your company in Facebook Business Manager. Based on our own experience, we have developed detailed instructions.

If you do not have time or other resources to configure the application

If you do not want to understand the settings of the application yourself or your company does not have the appropriate specialists, then you can always order these services from us. Write to us to request a price for our services.